premature ejakulation

premature ejakulation

welcome to healthcare at home we have one of our viewer, he has requested to not to reveal his name he has written that he has problem of premature ejaculation due to this he feels guilty in front of his wife and now he has lost the interest in having sex to asking for the remedy to get rid of this. see, first of all let me tell you that this premature ejaculation is not an physical disease instead its an mental disease the stress you usually take on your mind, that may be this and may be that wouldn't happen

and due to this reason only this problem occurs so, first of all you have to keep your mind calm firstly you have to take off this myth that you can have premature ejaculation your premature ejaculation will be stopped secondly keep your mind completely calm and specially when you sexually involve, do not think too much about the sex. you could have think about any other thing, i have seen that type of people who thinks about poetry and songs and they are far away from his problem. must do meditation and do pranayam. to keep you mind calm must to pranayam.

specially there is a bahya pranayam where 3 bands are applicable neck is touched to this much and stomach is stretched inside and the anus has been raised that means the portion below the waist is to be raised like this by raising that area your anus door gets narrow with the exercise those who have premature ejaculation they got relief very early first of all do pranayam and must drink wheat grass juice must drink 100 ml means 1small glass of wheat grass juice with this your body will be full of nutrition and once the body gets the nutrients

the the problem of premature ejaculation will be vanish away must eat 2-3 cloves of garlic along with your food and onion this also helps into the give the power to your sexual organs so must do this remedy. along with one more remedy i will tell you flower of drum stick tree is to be taken almost 15 gm or 1 bowl take that flower and get it boil in 1/2 liter of milk so that all the extract & juices of flower may get dissolve in the milk and after that you have to strain that milk after straining once this milk is luke warm

then you may add 2 spoon of honey and add some saffron and consume this milk for another 3 months consume this milk twice in a day, take 1 glass of milk before sleeping & also use 1 glass of milk just after you wake up you will notice that 2-3 months your premature ejaculation will be no more one more remedy you can do, as in every body doesn't get the flowers of drum stick but drum stick is easily available in the market then what you should do, take 2 spoon of cow's milk clarified butter in a pan put on onion into it you get the white onion then well and good put 5 cloves of garlic finely chopped

add 1 inches piece of garlic duly chopped and along with almost 200 gm of drum stick drum sticks should have to chopped finely and has to washed preoperly and to roast in the pan along with add some turmeric powder & salt once it is cooked then add almost 1/2 liter water and cook it for almost 20-3.0 minute on the medium flame till then the water is reduced to 150-200 ml after that let the water may cool down and once it is cool down and then get it blended into the blender

after blending it will ready like a thick soup the you have to strain this soup, and after straining the strained soup which is ready you have to consume this soup once in you have to do this remedy till 3 months and you will start getting relief in premature ejaculation so while doing these remedies, do one more remedy as i told you earlier also because its basically a mental problem so whenever you are sexually involve, they start counting the back counting

100-99-98 start doing counting like this with this you mind will be diverted this will be vanished in your mind that you may have premature ejaculaion once it is under controll mind will be diverted and this problem will also not last any more along with this you should control on yourself what happen in control as we try to control at the last time moment due to this control is not in the mind so this way the patient is not able to control there are lot more other methods are, as i said that sex is an art

there are so many way, you can use other ways also and satisfy your partner along with this i have told you earlier in the rectile during the urination stop and start method should be followed as it is a exercise of your sexual organ so what you have to do whenever you do urination, pass the urine and stop, again pass the urine and stop at the time of one urination you may do this exercise for at least 10-15 times with this your sexual organ will be strong and the problem of premature ejaculation will be vanished. so, isn't it all the remedies were very easy?

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