vape rda

vape rda

alright so this is going to be my unboxing for fluidvapes umm... here's the box right here. fluidvapes.. now this is my first time ordering from them.. and.. the main reason why i'm ordering from them.. or ordered from them.. umm, is because they seemed to have been the only people to have the drago, umm.. 100% organic egyptian cotton umm.. rolls

so.. everybody was selling em.. when they were in stock.. everybody else was selling em for $10 an even a little bit more than that, as high as like $12 now they they were selling em for $5.99, so $6.. so i bought 2 of em. and um.. seems to be legit. so.. let's go ahead, and open this.. up here.. "clicking of aperture ring being adjusted" so that's what that is here..

fluidvapes, usps priority mail 2-day. so let's go ahead and do this.. i see it's pretty light, i really hope they got my order right.. everything is still sealed.. burps.. so i'll use my scalpel here. (#11 blade, #3 handle) just making sure i was recording there.. um... ok...

i don't know if you can notice it, but my hands are a little dirty. actually just got done... mowing, and weed wacking, umm.. the yard. or the lawn or whatever.. so it looks like it's taped here too. so i'm going to go ahead click.. click.. "adjusts aperture ring" i'm gonna go ahead, and do this one right here.. i'm pretty sure it opens this way... i'm pretty sure.. i did this so many times..

before.. yep ! see ! just like that ! wow !! these things are tiny ! holy crap these things are tiny.. they're like really really really small ! i didn't think they were that small.. man, that's microscopic ! man, things online definite look like...

definitly look like they're allot bigger then what they.. "adjusts aperture ring" seem to be ! so yeah, that's.. that's definitely pretty tiny man.. holy crap.. i mean they're not microscopic, but i mean, but that's definitely.. allot smaller then what i thought it was going to be. i thought it was going to be like this big or something.. ya know..? that's like under 3 inches.. it's 2.5 inches it looks like..

two and a half inches.... by... let's see here, 2.5 inches by 2 inches. hmmff so.... i'll probably will be giving one to my brother.. just because, supposedly.. ammm.. one of these will last like forever...? i am going to go ahead and open up one of em.. but i'm going to do it surgically..

so that maybe i can preserve it. because i actually like the tags and stuff, idk why, i just do. i don't know, i just like the whole dragon thing and stuff. looks like this is tape of some kind.. yeah.. looks like it opens right up.. "click click, adjusts aperture ring" "click, adjusts aperture ring" so this is supposed to be better then my japanese cotton that i use.. i actually still have some, down here.. i have a little bit left !

actually, i have a little bit more than enough left but here's what the japanese cotton looks like i still have it in it's original wrapping.. let's see here.... let's see if i can get you to see the label a little bit better... come on you.. fuck. japanese cotton squares.. now, i got a big package of these.. i think this was from vape supply or somthing, but..

they are umm.. here's the stuff that's untouched.. this is what i have left.. well, it's mostly untouched.. "samsung galaxy note 4, sms notification sound" as you can clearly see, they have.... as you can clearly see... ! "adjusts aperture ring" they have om.. like little seeds and stuff in em. yeeaah ! i still got quite a few left. probably allot more then a month. i'd say, probably another half a year..?

hmf.. yeah, because i don't really... i don't really change my cotton that often.. i mean i change it once in while.. i mean i bought.. i have enough.. more than enough money to do whatever i need to do.. obviously.. because i just bought.. umm, two rolls of.. the um.. egyptian cotton or whatever.. but..

i just, i don't know.. i like preserving stuff.. i guess.. and then i have the ones that i'm using are actually in there. in another zip lock bag. a smaller zip lock bag.. so.. and i'll probably do the same thing with this, with these. i'll store em in zip lock bags.. or whatever.. and i like squeezing out the air.. like that, making sure it's all nice and...

it's all good. alright... ! so i mean this is pretty.... i mean it's pretty stiff.. ! it's definitely not like.... whuddaya call it... until you actually... you probably.. yeah... so this is supposed to wick better then the japanese cotton....

i've been hearing allot ah.. people talk about this.. so.. i figured i'd try some.. so that's what i'm gonna do.. here... so it's in.. that, and then it has another piece of paper. that it's wrapped up in.. ok, so i'm pretty sure i can just take this out of here.. just like that maybe..

oh sheah... come on you little bastard... stay just like that... so yep so yeah, it's like dryer lint.. ummm... i watched a couple videos.. umm.. the one guy or whatever.. i think he's indian..

or something, i think.. umm.. i think his name is yosh.. yoshi, or something like that.. he did um.. he did a really good video on this. this is mainly an unboxing, i can really stop the video right here. i already did my unboxing.. part. so yeah, so this stuff is pretty.... so it's "non-bleached" !

it's supposed to be pure cotton, it does look like pure cotton too.. it looks like raw cotton. i'd like to know why i'm seeing color in it, there's red in this. alright, so that's my video... and... i will work with this stuff a little bit.. and.. i will do a wicking video. on my um... on my congestus.. so...

so that's it guys, thanks allot for watching, .. stay tunned for more exciting videos, on more interesting subjects. stay calm, and continue vaping like a pro ! peace ! 10mp photo (1 of 2) 10mp photo (2 of 2) rate, comment & subscribe !