vape coil tutorial

vape coil tutorial

hi vape fans, grant with mt. baker vapor i'm going to show you how to build another coil. it's going to be the 22 gauge sleeperbuild. one thing to note though, always make sure that you're using 30 amp batteries andusing an ohm reader to make sure that your build is within the safety limit of thosebatteries. without further ado, let's go to the close up and i'm going to show you howto build it. alright folks, so here we are, just laid out a couple of things you are goingto need for this build. one of course being your favorite mod or atty, i've got cotton,some type of screwdriver, i usually go 564th or somewhere in that area, also got some wirecutters here, some pliers, my 22 gauge wire. it's better to have more than less with thesleeper, you want to have a lot to work with.

so i have my 6 wraps here, and that's goingto be my first coil. the way you want to put this coil is, as you see i have a ton of extraspace on this end, this is going to be my positive wire. so once you've got your coilbuild in there, you can go ahead and clip this lead off, your negative lead. you don'twant to clip the positive lead because the thing about a sleeper coil is that you haveone piece of wire with no breaks going through the entire atomizer, and that's what givesyou the sleeper itself. so, you want to leave that positive sticking out nice and long justlike that. so now what we're going to do is, we're going to take our screwdriver and ilike to pop it right up under the wire that i'm gonna be wrapping on. you want to tryand gauge and get the right amount of distance

on this side as you do on this side. it canbe kinda hard at first, when you're first starting to do these to gauge that accurately,and it's still a little difficult for me, so i just try my best, that's all we can reallydo. so now here's where the pliers come in. as you can see i've made my first wrap onhere, but it's not really what you would call a wrap, it's more really just the wire kindawrapped around that screwdriver. so what i'm going to do is, i'm going to take my pliers,i'm going to grab this wire, and i'm going to pull it tight. see that, see how that coilstarts to come up and actually make a wrap? what i'm doing is i'm pulling towards my thumb,so i'm pulling this way, alright but i'm also pulling tight. so i've got my wrap here, pullit tight. same thing, keep going. wrap number

four, grab it here, pull it tight. this isnot going to come out looking very pretty right off the bat as you can see it's kindawonky there but that's okay, we're going to fix it at the end. my center post is wigglinga little bit, and we don't want that, we want that tighter, so i'm going to kinda give ita little tug and get it back in the center. now i've got five wraps, so now i'm goingto do one more full wrap. so, now we have our six wraps on there. it's not the prettiestlooking thing, but they are on there. one, two, three, four, five and six. so now, alittle bit of a tricky part but not too bad, what we're going to need to do is take thislead and get it through this post. as you can see it may be a little bit easier saidthan done, right. well, again, that's why

building a sleeper you need to have a goodpair of pliers. i've got it about as tight as i'm going to get it from this point. thenext step is to go ahead and tighten that connection down here, tighten this connectiondown, and then we can actually start shaping this coil. since we have a little bit of tensionon the side we can actually pull the screwdriver out just a hair and we can take our needlenose pliers, you can rest the pliers right up against the screwdriver and get a holdof that wire there, and just kind of pull it together, just like that. still not perfectbut we're getting there. once i'm happy enough i'll go ahead and i'll clip my wire you should have something that looks just like that. so now we're ready to give it somepulses. what i like to do is just pulse it

real nice and slow till i see things startto heat up like that. then i'll just keep going, pinch this coil together, so now it'slooking a lot better. it's starting to look more like a real coil. if your first builddoesn't work out the way you want it to, coil building is an art, and this is one of themore intricate, technically difficult builds to do. don't feel bad, just keep trying, you'llget it. and there you have it, let's get it wicked up and i ll show you how it the ohm reading we got was .16, which is very low. but that's kinda the point of thisbuild guys is to build really low, lot of surface area because you've got two coils,makes a lot of vapor. alright, lets have a vape. definitely about right where it needsto be. good flavor, good vapor, what more

could you ask for? and you know guys, makesure that you're using your 30 amp batteries. i can't stress that enough when you're buildingthese low ohm builds. you want to make sure that you're vaping safely and within the limitsof your batteries. until next time, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. make sure yousubscribe to our channel, like us on facebook and twitter. we will see you next time guys.vape on, breathe strong!