cool coil builds

cool coil builds

"justin: hey i'm justin with americanmuscle.comand this is our powerpack bolt-on build-up for all 99-04 v6 mustangs. now, before weget started, let's address the elephant in the room. from the factory, these 3.8 l v6sweren't the baddest mustangs on the block, just in terms of all-out performance. butthanks to the large aftermarket support, and bolt-ons that can really squeeze every ounceof power out of any car, well these v6s can be turned into quite the competent littlestreet-car. so that's exactly what we're gonna show you here today. but before we get intoit, we're gonna grab a quick baseline number first just to see what we're starting with.then we're gonna hand the car over to the crew, to get everything installed.justin: hey mike, what's up man?

mike: oh, nothing much, man, what's goingon? justin: it looks like we tackled some of thebasics under here, i see that sr performance cold air intake, now obviously that's gonnaget us a little power of course, but maybe explain to us, maybe what else we can expectfrom using stuff like that? mike: well first is price, it's a very budget-friendlypiece. it's easy to install, looks great, it's no-tune required, and we should see someincrease in miles-per-gallon too. justin: all right, cool, man. now i noticea little yellow under the hood here as well, that's usually the calling card of accel products.tell us a bit more about this super coil pack here.mike: you're gonna get some horsepower & torque

as well on this, but the main thing it's gonnasmooth out our idle, give us better drive-ability and give us a cleaner, hotter spark.justin: that's probably pretty important with an older car, such as this.mike: absolutely. justin: right on, man. now i also know we'vegot the pipes true dual system on the car, that's been on for a little while, we're notgonna lie, being car guys, this car didn't have much of a chance coming in here witha single exhaust. mike: oh yeah.justin: so, talk about the benefits of a true dual system on our v6.mike: it's gonna increase horsepower and torque, more importantly for most of the guys, it'sgonna increase the sound, it's an aggressive

sound, it's high-quality and it's also easyto install. justin: now what's a mustang without dual-exhaustcoming out the back too, right? mike: exactly.justin: now, finally, i guess we can be safe to assume you're gonna toss one of your custombama tunes into the mix? mike: oh yeah.justin: awesome man, now what's that gonna do for us?mike: gonna wrap all of our mods together, and make it a complete package. the fuel,the spark, the cooling fans, and being that it's an automatic, we're gonna adjust theshift firmness, and the shift links. justin: alright man, i guess there's onlyone more thing to do. you ready to see how

much power this little 3.8's gonna make?mike: let's do it. justin: alright.justin: so our baseline run with our 2006 v6 gave us 149 horsepower & 185 ft/lbs oftorque. with our power pack installed we put down 163 horsepower & 192 ft/lbs of torque,giving us a peak horsepower gain of 14 over our baseline numbers, and gains of 15 horsepowerand 15 ft/lbs of torque throughout the curve. now it's obvious mike was able to work hismagic with the bolt-ons and the tune, but we wanted to give our v6 a little more we installed a set of ford racing 373 gears along with auburn's limited slip differential,now of course the gears are gonna give us that increased acceleration we're lookingfor, but the diff's gonna be equally as important.

the limited-slip differential's gonna distributepower to both wheels evenly, help us get off the line, and pull us out of the turns but,most importantly, no more embarrassing one-wheel peels. alright, with everything wrapped up,let's get our v6 off the dyno and on to the streets so we can see how it does with allthat new power, along with those acceleration goodies.justin: so we're back out in our 2000 v6, after the powerpack's been installed, andwe'll just get one thing out of the way, right away. is our v6 faster than the gt500? absolutelynot, but that's not a big surprise. what i will tell you though, is that our v6 is significantlyquicker all around. the acceleration pulls from, pretty much idle, all the way to redlinenow, as opposed to before, when it kind of

fell on its face around 4000 rpms, 'causeit was just kind of being choked out by the single exhaust, and the puny intake. now theintake is letting it breathe, the dual exhaust is really flowing well, sounds great by theway, for a v6, and the bama tune's just really pulling it all together. our acceleration,by the way, is killer. that auburn lsd along with our 373s, have really made for one peppydaily driver. in the end, v6, much more improved driving experience. that's what we were goingfor with this power pack, and we really did a good job with our little 3.8 l here. sothat wraps up our power pack for our v6 mustang. be sure to check out some of our other 99-04v6 bolt-on build-ups, where we dress up our v6 a little bit, and work on our handling."