build a vape

build a vape

hey vape fans, it's grant with mt. baker vaporand today we're going to go ahead and learn how to build a zipper coil. the zipper coilis great for flavor production as well as vapor production. technically it is a parallelcoil and it is also a twisted coil, so you get the best of both worlds out of that. so,a few things to note here: when wrapping subohm coils you want to make sure you using theproper batteries for those, that's going to be a 30amp battery at least and that justkinda helps cover everything you may want to wrap if you have that 30amp battery. theefest 35amp batteries work great so do any of the sony vtc's so keep that in mind andlet's go ahead and dive down and show you how to build it. the only thing that's reallyimportant with the zipper build is that you

twist the wires in the opposite, what i like to do is i'll put one set of the wires i'm twisting in there on theleft, and then i'll put the other set in there and then immediately switch to the right,that way i keep track of what i'm doing. after you do that, you should get something thatlooks a little bit like this. you can kind of see here that those twists are going inthe opposite direction, and that's what you want. that's what gives it the zipper, without further ado, lets get down to it. we're going to be using a 564th here todayto wrap on, and basically, just like wrapping a parallel coil we're going to make sure theystay together, and like i said that they're facing the opposite direction. that's a goodshot of it right there. so, today we're going

to go ahead and do five wraps. so we've gotour five wraps there and you can really see that zipper effect right there. see how itkinda looks like a zipper when you spin it, that's exactly what you want. this is providingyou surface area, but you also have all these little channels for the juice to wick intothe twist, which is what gives you your flavor. also, as you can see these little gaps downin here, that also allows vapor to escape from the inside of the coil which is goingto help with the vapor production as well. this one is going to be pretty low, you canadd or subtract wraps. i wouldn't really recommend subtracting any, but you can definitely addwraps to this if you want and it increases the resistance a little bit. alright, so we'vegot our build deck here, we're building on

the clt today, a really nice little atomizer,but we'll get into that a little later. so, just like with every build, you're going towant to put one set of leads through the negative and one set through the positive. you alsowant to try and keep these as parallel as possible when you're putting them in, that'sgoing to help you in the long run. i'll go ahead and, here we go. so, once we've gotthose started, we'll just go ahead and push them in. remember you want to keep these twowires parallel in here, that's what's going to allow this coil to run at it's best. wheneveri do these i like to push them all the way up, as far as i can into the build deck here,and then i'll go ahead and pull them out once i have everything tightened up. that willhelp tighten up the coil as well, and you'll

see that here in just a second. dependingon what atomizer you have, you may need to struggle with it a little bit more, just becauseof the post hole diameter, but once you get it in there, it's going to stay pretty easily.just want to give it one good tighten. then we're going to take the screwdriver we'veused to wrap on and we're just going to wiggle it and give it a bit of a turn. you know thedrill folks, we just want to get this nice and evened out. once we've got that done,we can clip our leads here. what i like to do when i build a parallel coil, and i'm surethere are some folks out there that do the same thing, is i'll keep my screwdriver inhere and i'll go ahead and give it a nice little pull to try and get it as even as possible,and i'll have my pliers ready so that when

i pull this out i can instantly heat it up.add some heat to it and start forming it. the thing with these parallel coils is ifyou don't do that, you run the risk of those two coils separating. more or less what you'redoing is building two coils right next to each other. so you want them to stay together,till you get that glow from the inside out, just like that. perfect. we'll take a littlepiece of rayon here and feed it through just like normal, nothing unusual about this. igot my rayon through, finally, so we'll pull it through till it's nice and snug but nottoo tight. then we'll just give this a clip about there. alright, next step is to puta little bit of juice on here to kind of act like a glue or adhesive for our wick to stickdown in here. i like to use a screwdriver

to just kind of push it under, just like that.once it has that in there, i'll go ahead and get it nice and saturated, just like so. alright,there it is. we have our 28 gauge zipper coil. looks pretty nice, let's see what it readsout to. as you can see on the istick 50 i've got here, as you can see our build here cameout to about 0.4 ohms, so at about 50watts that's going to be a pretty nice vape. let'stake it up to 50. alright, that really chucks out the vapor doesn't it? alright folks, we'vegot our coil built in here. i'm going to go ahead and give it a vape. really good flavor,even with the air flow wide open on this thing i'm still getting just awesome flavor. thathas to do with the twisted wire. the zipper coil itself, how it's engineered and how it'sbuilt, it's built to let the juice soak into

that coil but also escape when it's, that's what we're getting here out of this zipper coil here. we're getting greatflavor, and as you can see, pretty dang good vapor for a single coil. so there you haveit. i hope you enjoyed. we're going to have another poll on g+ for the next video thatwe do, so be sure to check that out, vote on your favorite coil, and i'll see you nexttime. take care.