best vape for beginners

best vape for beginners

hi, i’m kristina from vapeclub. welcometo our beginners guide to take you step by step through all the basics to help you make the switch to vaping. vaping devices can seem daunting at first, but are quite simple once you understand a few basics. electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are essentially the same thing and can be broken down into two main components, the first being the power unit which houses the battery. the second being the tank which holds and vaporizes the e-liquid. all vaping devices work using the same principal.inside the tank, which holds the e-liquid, is the atomizer. the atomizer contains a wire wrapped around some sort of wicking material,

and is referred to as a coil. thewick soaks up the e-liquid and draws it into the coil. when activated, the coil heats upand vaporizes the e-liquid. the first generation of vaping devices areknown as cigalikes because they look very similar to a real cigarette. they consistof a small lithium battery and a non-refillable tank, which contains the e-liquid, and isoften referred to as a cartomizer. as the technology evolved to meet the demandfor higher performance, the look and feel of these devices changed notably. the latestgeneration of devices offers a highly customizable and far superior vaping experience. starting with the most basic vaping devices on themarket, you have things like the ego style

kits. these feature a small battery with anactivation button and a basic re-fillable tank.virtually all starter kits will come with a usb charger and options for a wall make sure you use the correct usb charger and wall adapter to charge all of your vapingdevices, and if in doubt, do check your user manual. the larger battery lasts you longer. the cigalikestypically last around 200 puffs, and the ego battery can last 600 puffs and up dependingon the size you choose. for a typical vaper that can mean anywhere between 4 and 10 hoursof vaping. batteries will come in a variety of sizes,ranging from around 400 milliamps up to about 1300. the higher the milliamp number the morecharge your battery will hold and the longer

it will last, but the larger capacity batteriesare also larger in size, so that’s something to bear in mind when considering the sizeof your setup. the second major advantage is the refillabletank with its much improved atomizer. it offers much better vapour production and enhancedflavour. the larger capacity of around 1.6ml means that the typical vaper could use thedevice all day without running out of eliquid. these tanks are called clearomizers becausewell they’re clear, and they allow you to see how much e-liquid you have left. the cigalikes offer a very limited range offlavors and nicotine strengths, but the range of e-liquids available for the refillabletanks is far greater. but, we’ll cover e-liquids

in a different video. the basic clearomizers are disposable. theycan last anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks before the performance of the coil starts to deteriorateso you’ll need to replace the tank. these basic kits are a great way for you toget into vaping, they’re inexpensive and they do a much better job than the cigalikes.but, you may find that you still want more performance. some people prefer a strongerthroat hit or more airflow, so you might be interested in something more advanced. the more advanced batteries allow you to controlthe power output. higher power output means the coil will get hotter. this has an effecton the temperature, vapor production, the

throat hit and the flavor. this has an effecton the temperature, throat hit and flavour production of your vapour. so i’ll demonstrate the difference betweenthe lower power and the higher power. so right now we are at 7 watts, and this is at 30 watts.i’m getting a hell of a lot more vapor production as well as much better flavor. because everybody’s taste is individual,people prefer vaping different flavours at different temperatures. the power output is normally altered by controlling eitherthe voltage or wattage using the mechanical dial or the digital display.

the long and short of it is, the variablewattage provides a slightly easier and more consistent vaping experience. however, dueto the more complex chips used, the variable wattage devices do tend to be slightly moreexpensive than the variable voltage devices, so this is something to keep in mind whenchoosing your setup. the more advanced tanks offer a replaceableatomizer. so, instead of replacing the whole thing, you simply unscrew the coil and replaceit. they are also made of more durable materials- often stainless steel with pyrex glass. this not only makes them last longer, butit also gives much better flavor production. the continued development of the tanks alsoallowed for even more innovative features

such as the larger capacity, the rotatabledrip tip and the adjustable airflow controls. so the right setup for you will be determinedby a balance of how much money you might be prepared to spend to switch over from tobaccoand the level of performance you might need to keep your cravings at bay. some peopleenjoy the endless customization options that vaping offers, while others just prefer asimple plug and go system. so in terms of performance, you're far bettergoing for something with a variable power output, and if your budget permits for it,ideally something with a variable wattage. because the tank is so important to flavorproduction and flavor, we do recommend that you go for something with a pyrex tank andadjustable airflow. but do make sure you choose

something that is compatible with your batteryof course. and bear in mind that the majority of theproducts are interchangeable so once you’ve got yourself a basic setup you can graduallyupgrade it with new batteries and tanks until you find the setup that works for you. so i hope this video has given you a greatinsight into the world of vaping and perhaps made it seem a little less overwhelming. whateversetup you do choose, good luck and welcome to the vape club.