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best rate auto

hi! today we’re talking about the best settingsfor dslr video. hi! i’m adam and welcome first man photographythe channel that will help you take your photography the next level. if you haven’t done so already,head over to fill in your details to join email list and i’llsend you a free copy of the ebook on how to capture perfect exposure every time. okaylet's get into this. recently, i have been getting lots of messagesand emails about how to shoot video. it’s one of the questions that gets asked the mostso i thought i would cover it this week with some video themed videos. so using a dslrcamera and the high quality that provides is a good way to elevate your videos aboveall those others so they get noticed when

people see your work. so let’s get intothe camera and we’ll have a look at some the settings and we’ll talk about what weare going to use. the first rule to know, when we’re shootingvideo on a dslr camera, is that we don't really want to be using the shutter speed to affectour exposure. the shutter speed should be set according to the frame rate you are, if you’re using 24 or 25 frames per second, you want to have your shutter speedof 1/50 of a second. if you’re in north america, like the us or canada, and you’reshooting at 30 frames a second, you want to be using a shutter speed of 1/16 of a second.basically, doubling what your frame rate is. if you’re using a higher frame rate, like60 frames a second, you want to have your

shutter speed at something like a 1/125 ofa second shutter speed. that will give you that correct look to the video. when you’redeciding on the frame rate to use, 24 frames per second gives it that filmic look. it’swhat they use in hollywood when they're actually shooting with film. 25 frames a second and30 frames a second have a very similar look and they have a more real-life type feel tothe footage. which one of these you use will depend really on where you live and it harksback to the frequency of the power line you have coming into your house. so iso is thenext thing to look at. you want to be using an iso as low as possible depending on yourlight conditions. multiples of 160 seem to have the lowest noise when shooting videoon a dslr. so you want to be looking at isos

of 160, 320, 640 and 1250. generally, theywill create less noise than other isos around there.the next thing to think about is our aperture. you’ve got to decide how much of a depthof field you want to have. so use a nice big aperture if you want to have that shallowdepth of field … a little bit like this… but bear in mind, if you are in bright conditions,you may need to stop down on the aperture to get the correct exposure because we don'thave that extra shutter speed to balance the exposure. you’re balancing your exposurewith the aperture and the iso. so if you want to stop down in bright conditions, you’regoing to need to add some neutral density to the front of your camera. also, white balancedoes still work quite well you might but you

might want to adjust this if it's not lookingquite right at the back of your camera before you start shooting. to set your white balance,you need to have a look at the picture style. a portrait picture style, within the dslrcamera, will often work quite well but if you want to have the maximum ability to adjustthings in post processing, you will want to shoot your images video in a nice flat style.that means turning contrast right down, turning saturation down and turning sharpness downso you can have the maximum control in the computer later. first is the sharpest at thetop, turn that down all the way to 0. once you’ve done that, go down to contrast andagain turn that all the way down to 0. saturation: i just go down two stops on this canon cameraand that just turns the saturation down a

little bit without it going black and white.colour tone: you can just leave. those settings then will give you that nice flat image. sothat’s the basic settings for shooting video on a dslr camera.on sunday’s video, i'm going to be showing you how to film a youtube video. it’s goingto feature different setups, we’ll talk about the camera a little bit, lighting setup,which is important, and sound as well. we’ll go over all those thing. i’ll show you howi put a video together. if you’d like to see that, and you haven’t done so already,please subscribe to the youtube channel and then you’ll see that as soon as it comesout on sunday. ii see on another video very soon.i’m adam! this is first man photography.....