very cheap auto insurance

very cheap auto insurance

auto insurance savings tips -- guaranteedsteps to dirt cheap car insurance rates (series) -- pt 1tip #1… drive carefully one easy way to make sure you pay less isbeing careful every time you're behind wheels please, ensure that you make it a policy tonot drive if you so much as sip any alcoholic beverage.if you're convicted for driving under the influence (dui) you'll not see affordablerates for a very long time. while alcohol-related traffic offences havevery immediate and serious repercussions… …speeding tickets will also affect yourrates negatively if they pile up.

so, if it's a violation of traffic laws, avoidit no matter how negligible it may seem at the time.tip #2… maintain an excellent credit ratingit might seem unfair to most people but your credit rating does affect you rate.a poor credit history will cost you in higher auto insurance ratesfor most insurers it shows a pattern they believe you are quite likely to repeat withthem in premium defaults this assumption of high risk makes such individualsattract very high rates in auto insurance and other insurance policiestip #3… insure all your vehicles with the same insurer

you can reduce your rates by positioning yourselffor a multi-vehicle discount. it is advisable to insure all your cars withthe same insurer unless you get a much better rate for one of your cars with another insurerdoing some shopping and then comparing with what you'll get from a multi-vehicle discountis a good way to be sure if this serves your best interest.but that said; insuring more than one vehicle with the same carrier will always get youa nice discount. tip #4…hold all your policies under one roof buying multiple policies from the same insureris one smart way to reduce your premium. for example, buying auto insurance from thecarrier that underwrites your home insurance

policy.however, note that you may be better served if you buy your different policies from differentcarriers that offer the best rate for each extensive comparison shopping with quotes what you will save if you go for a multi-policy discount with what you’ll saveby going for individual carriers with the best rates.make your choice only when you are sure of which is more beneficial.tip #5… stay claims-free staying claims-free for three years and abovewill get you a discount. but bear in mind

that not all insurers offer this discount.if your agent says they don't offer this discount let him or her know that you will switch toanother insurer. believe it or not, every insurer likes havingpeople who stay claims free for this long as policy holders……you shouldn't have any difficulty getting better rates with a host of other insurers.most insurers will do all within their powers to ensure they don't lose you and this shouldlead to some compromise on their part. tip #6…drop collision and comprehensive on old vehicles you're certainly paying too much if you havecollision and comprehensive coverage for an old car that is not a classic.your car's kelly blue book value at the time

of a claim (and not the value of the car whenyou bought it) is what determines what you'll get from your insurer.this means that not minding how much you paid and for how long you did, you may get $500if the book says it's only worth that much by the time you file a the smart thing and take them off your car insurance policy. doing this will saveyou much and not compromise you in any way. tip #7…make your deductible as high as possible the higher your deductible amount, the loweryour premium will be. therefore, it makes sense to choose a deductiblethat is as high as possible but always within easy reach for are bound by law to contribute this amount.

so go as high as you can but keep it withinyour reach. tip #8…slash your mileage by every fair means drive as little as possible. it will loweryour mileage and get you a low mileage discount. this applies more to those whose work andlocation make it easy for them to use the public transit system.walk whenever possible. apart from the fact that it is good for your health, it will alsohelp keep your mileage down. carpooling is another smart way of reducingyour mileage. tip #9…get and maintain high grades it is a fact that young drivers attract veryhigh rates.

for those who fall within this age bracket,getting good grades at school will go a long way to help you get more affordable rates.there is a discount know as the good student discount…this discount is for students who get a's or a minimum of b's. it attracts a discountof about 5 percent. this is so because insurance providers thinkthere is a correlation between good grades and a young driver's behavior behind wheelsstudents who maintain excellent grades are generally considered more responsible andless prone to reckless driving. tip #10…take refresher courses for the elderly are you a senior citizen? then you can reduceyour rate if you take courses designed for

older can reduce your monthly premium by as much as 10% once you pass any of such find out the finer details of how this works and how much you can save with yourinsurer, consult your agent. get and compare cheap quotes from many topinsurers @ (it's the same site just easier to type intoyour browser) one more a lot of money... get many more tips that will help you cutdown your overall insurance costs by up to 50% at