popular auto insurance companies

popular auto insurance companies

i talk about uh... health care earlfordham care act for course it is going to be uh... they're going to rule on it and some people are are speculatingcould be next monday some people are speculating nextthursday bend to monday as well i was anticipating early july bid toeverybody seems to think at least uh... the people watch his think it's going tobe late late june so i was off by a weaker to go

at the supreme court if you would uh... according to drive the car the most likely date for ruling remains monday junetwenty-fifth or thursday june twenty one of the things that is happen in thewake or i guess perhaps the week is not the right wordbut in the wake of an absence of

but of the ruling from the supreme courtwe're gonna see a ruling the supreme court on uh... the affordable care actobama care within weeks there is and we have been hearing thatfor some time backroom talk of republicans getting rather nervous that they could be responsible in theeyes of americans for the rollback of such rules as

kids who are under the age of twenty sixcan remain on their parents health insurance until you reach twentysix kids who had a pre-existing health condition cannot be denied healthinsurance that's what's in effect right now we know that in twenty fourteen no one who has a pre-existing can bedenied health insurance that they will be no to lifetime cap sarada lifetimecats i think exist now in other words

you cannot have a catastrophic illness and uh... i have your or uh... your bills the hospital be overtwo hundred thousand dollars let's say and then you have insurance coverage isokay with it as two hundred thousand dollars we know that you have another couplehundred thousand dollars worth a medical bills sorry we're done you can read thefine print or the practices of rachelle recision

four of the regulations that exist nowwhere health insurance companies must spend fully eighty percent of what they takeit in premiums on actual delivery of health as opposed to whirling isbn sixty percent will spenduh... twenty percent on advertising twenty percent will put as bonus for our board of directors but say or c_e_o_'smatter or our shareholders

so republicans have been in uh... a mildstate of panic behind-the-scenes trying to come up with packages regulations that they couldpass in the event that the supreme court struck down the entire ford carrick as well as patches that they could passin the event that the uh... the supreme court struck down the mandate becausethe mandate puts health insurance companies add an extreme disadvantage and will necessitate something being passed now of courseuh... the republicans have to deal with

their electoral base which has beenlooking taught to demonize all of this so they're in a rock and uh... between arock and a hard place to the rescue who need it char comes are couple of the insurancecompanies united healthcare and then hours after united healthcareaetna and schumann a almost like humans but not quite

came out with an outfit that they'regoing to keep certain provisions of the affordablecare act even if the law is struck down it did not say uh... they would promiseto sell coverage to children regardless of their pre-existing health conditions uh... but he did say one can uh... company acting alonecannot take uh... that step regarding the uh... you know verner kids to without healthinsurance grade six let's say they're not undertheir parents plan for whatever reason

maybe their parents don't have the planand they get uh... leukemia there's no way to get health insurancecoverage for them what what united healthcare would do is it would be retained thecoverage of adults under the age of twenty six on theirparents plan no co-pays for certain preventative care that's one thing the people realize nowand uh... older people may or may not realize this and by older i includemyself when you're going to get a

preventative colonoscopy it's now covered by your healthinsurance before it wasn't when you get amammography now covered by your health insurance wasn't before on and on and on allot of maintain your health is free health insurance companies are going tomaintain that because they realized in their best interest to do so anyways

no co-pays l like to say for the certainpreventative care uh... a stronger appeals process so thatif you are subject to recision it makes it harder for the insurancecompanies to cancel your insurance they will keep the note acolytes timelimits and they also like a signal recision noretroactive cancellation of health care coverage uh... so edna followed uh... who manadid as well knots attempting to alleviate anypressure on republican lawmakers in the event that healthcare is struck down

now of course felker struck down they could simply wait by year and thenjust reverse these policies anyways once the uh... republicans they perceivethem to be out of the woods if that's what they would do uh... so there you have it people who talk about uh... that theywere all lot of people want to what the supreme court

repeal essentially a straight down the mandate or the entirety of obamacare but the fact the matter is zen insurance companies and republicans arewell aware that their provisions that americanswant in this that they have now and they hope that americans won't be aware of theprovision they could've had twenty fourteen keep an eye on that as the uh... supremecourt

is soon to make their announcement