mobile root software

mobile root software

hey, what's up guys? this is jay kapoor here. and in this video i'm going to show you the easiest way to root and install twrp recovery on your redmi note 3. so, let's get started! so, first of all you have to download this zip file from the link in the description.

or you can go to so, it's just one zip file. so, download it extract it. i'm using winrar to extract this zip file. you can use any software. so, before we can do anything we need to disable "driver signature enforcement"

in our pc. so, just open up the "start" menu. type "cmd" and run it as "administrator". now, copy this command from the description down below and paste it here. now, just press the "enter" button on your keyboard and restart the pc. now, go to that "rm3 root" folder that we extracted.

double click on the "mi flash" file and install this program. so, whenever you get this pop up like "windows can't verify driver" so, just click on "install this driver anyway". now, on your redmi note 3 go to system "system settings". then "about phone" option.

then tap on the miui version 6-7 times. or until you see "you are now a developer". then go back to "additional settings". go into "developer options". turn on 'oem unlock" and "usb debugging". now, back up any data that you have on your phone

and copy it to your pc and power off your device. then press "volume down" + "power" button to boot your phone into the "fast boot" mode. now, go to that "rm3" folder that we extracted. open this "boot into edl" folder and duoble click on the "edl" batch file.

now, your phone will go into the "edl" mode from which you can flash any xiaomi rom. now, just go to your "start" menu. launch the "mi flash" program. click on "browse". now, select this "kenzo images" folder that you will find inside the "rm3 root" folder. so, select the "images" folder and click on "ok".

now, go to "advanced settings" and browse "fast boot script to flash all". so, just click on "browse" select the "flash out" file if you are wondering where you can find this "flash out file" it's inside that "kenzo" folder. and "kenzo" folder is inside that

"rm3 root" folder. now, configure the "flash programmer" "raw.xml" and "patch0.xml" like this. just click on "browse". select that file once that is done, just click on "refresh" and click on "flash".

now this flashing process will take 5-10 minutes to complete. so, please wait! once the flashing process is done, now we have to "hard reboot" the phone to "fast boot" mode. how to do this? do not disconnect the usb cable. just press "volume down" + "power" button

for 10-15 seconds. and your phone will boot into the "fast boot" mode. now just open up this "unlock" folder and double click on this "unlock" file. once you do that, your phone will automatically reboot. and now your redmi note 3's boot loader is unlocked.

so once your phone boots up, setup the device like we normally do. and after that, just connect your phone to the pc. copy this "update-supersu" zip to the internal storage of your redmi note 3. now, power off your device once again. boot your device into the "fast boot" mode. you know the key combination, right?

"volume down" + "power" button. now, go to that "flash twrp" folder. double click on "flash twrp" file. and now, you have successfully flashed "twrp recovery" on your redmi note 3. now, look at your phone. it will automatically boot to "twrp". how cool is that!

*music playing* so now, we will change the language of "twrp" beacuse by default, it's in chinese so, just tap on this icon and tap on the globe icon and select "english". now, go back and tap on "install". select that "update-supersu" zip file

that we copied earlier. so, i have to flash it and then just reboot the phone. that's it! your phone is now successfully rooted. you can flash any rom now like i flashed "cm 13". let me know in the comments below if your are facing any problems.

"subscribe" to this channel for simple rooting tutorials. come on guys! click that "like" button. i made this "rooting redmi note 3" so simple for you guys. you don't have to copy commands. you don't have to download files from 10 sources. it's all under 1 zip file.

so, thanks a lot for watching this video! share this video as much as you can. and i will see you in the next one.