list of health insurance companies

list of health insurance companies

the republicans are negotiating withthat uh... gang of sex and bag grass leaves overjoyed at theend z grassley intense nor the three centers on the republican side they've already told us what they wantto ends he said in the town hall meeting back home in wyoming he said hisobjective is the water down the bill as much as possible and then a vote against it so what is that watered down version max baucus ahead of that committee inthe head of the game six

release it one includes no public cutie foods co-ops uh... better in most experts her views fairlyill-defined these are like hey you know one of thelocal level uh... joe celine bobbin get together andtry to compete with the private insurance company good luck on them

and they wanted a profit so it'll bekind of like a publicly noble you won't have any of that muscle it would haveany of the leverage and it won't fit it's it's a terrible problems that's great uh... and then on top of that all by theway etc everybody has to have health care coverage because but you know to help you wary ofsubsidies to people that are uh... below the poverty line andactually a little above the poverty

uh... but some of you that are caught inthe meadow wild you know we might find u up to thirty eight hundred dollars if you don't have health care unified families above thirty eighthundred hours if you don't have health care uh... you understand the so-calledcompromises we take all the money and we've one all it was a privateinsurance companies they're gonna find u give it to theprivate insurance companies they're

gonna subsidize the poor given to theprivate insurance companies and away they do to contain the cost not adhd and so the premiums will go up some of you will even get fined your taxes will go up because of thesubsidies and in the ad well carrefour

financial risk of these just got a all richer and what did you get now look you got some fixed let's befair if hopefully if this actually works norecision so they say could they give you sure is you actually have insurance no pre-existing conditions if you're sick make it tonight about soyou get some things

and the poor it covered with a minor hadhealth care reform because of the increase of subscribe or most americans going to have lowerpremiums they will likely have higher premiums now let's go to a guywho talked about lower premiums and a way to do that over email expressing obama when u_s_ candidateoverall let's go to put them in ninety-eightthis is really a presidential debate

with john mccain here is candidate or bomb a suggestionfor how to handle health care reform list if you have health insurance you don't have to do any if you've gothealth insurance through your employer you can keep your health insurance keepyour choice of doctor keep your plan the only thing we're gonna try to do islower costs so that those cost savings are passed on to youand we estimate we can cut uh... average families premium by abouttwenty-five hundred dollars per year if

you don't have health insurance themwhat we're gonna do is too provide you the option of buying intothe same kind of federal fooled the both so much and and i enjoy it as federal employees which will giving high-quality care choice ofdoctors at lower costs because so many peoplecarpark of this insured group make sure that insurance companies can't uh... discriminate on basis ofpre-existing conditions will negotiate

with the drug companies for the cheapestavailable price drugs nope we are going invest ininformation technology to eliminate bureaucracy and make the system morepetition we are going to make sure that we managechronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease that cost a huge amountbut could be prevented we gotta put more money to preventive care uh... this will cost some money on thefront but over the long term this is the only way that not only arewe gonna make families

uh... helping but it's also how we'regonna save the federal budget because we can't afford is escalatingalright heat did you hear of anything that isthey'll all leeward as i say that anymore he talked about an option of going intoa federal pull that is the public option antiques plane how you will have an option even deeper onprivate sure sure with the public action

and that went out the window uh... then he went out to talk about howit's going to go see it lower drug prices for the pharmaceuticalcompanies struck a deal with the pharmaceutical companies a couplemonths ago did not do that that will be definitely not to be in the bill out the window he said he would say yes twenty fivedollars on your dreams right now there is no mechanism in thebuilding the so called combines the bargains

or what olympia cells were down rahmemanuel to save you a dime you twenty my my larger cream is gonnago down now what's gonna happen what's gonnahappen so the republican watered it down rightand a corporate as democrats watered it down so they have a say they're hearingyour premiums and then four years from now when they're you know doing twentytwelve election there on the same clip we just ran the republicans are hale bomber promise u that he wouldlower your premiums by twenty five dollars did he

he didn't get the animated stacy you should never voted for obama this is health care reform didn't work and the guy who played in a bad them in that setting ironically is brocco bomb it's such a disastrous that that they'rea they're gonna come up with that

bill that's going to help the lobbyistand the corporations and the republicans the most the republicans will use that and thosesame corporations a lobbies will use that bill the batch of bob marley and you know what bout for him being asoccer for playing along he has a gun