insurance companies

insurance companies

in this video, i'm going to talk about someof the best life insurance companies out there, why i like them, andhow you can compare rates among all those companies coming up. if you're looking for life insurance, youmight be trying to figure out which is the best life insurance company outthere for me? who should i go with? maybe somebody recommended a companyto you and you don't know if they're just recommending that company becausethey work for the company or are they really the best life insurance companyfor you? at, we are independent life insurance agents.what does that mean? it means

that we work with over 30 life insurance companiesand we're not biased. we just work with the best life insurance companiesout there. which ones are some that we like? let's startoff with banner life insurance. banner life insurance is a companythat's been around since 1949. they have an a+ rating and they justhave excellent life insurance rates. we like banner life. we also like themfor some preexisting conditions. for example, if you have diabetes,banner life might be a good choice for you. american general life insurance is anothercompany that we like. american

general been around over 160 years. they have13 million customers, and they're an excellent life insurance company.we like them also because of their excellent rates and they also may begood for certain preexisting health conditions. we like transamerica; transamerica is an a+rated company. they're one of the few companies that offers term life under$100,000. you can get a term life policy or a permanent universal lifepolicy with transamerica for as little as $25,000 in coverage. most life insurancecompanies out there start at $100,000 or more. we like transamerica.transamerica also offers

no medical exam life insurance so it's anothergreat option if you're looking to avoid the whole medical exam partof getting life insurance, transamerica might be a good choice for you. prudential, another solid company; a+ ratedcompany, been around many, many years. you've probably heard of's an excellent company. they're really good for certain things.they do have competitive rates. they are also good, for example, ifyou use chewing tobacco but you don't smoke cigarettes. prudential's probablythe only company that will offer you non-smoker rates. also, if you usesomething like a nicotine

patch, they'll offer you non-smoker rates.they're particularly good for this. prudential also offers life insuranceto active military. even if you have deployment papers, prudential will stillinsure you. the only caveat is you have to sign the application in theus. prudential's also good for certain preexisting health conditions. we like metlife. metlife also, sometimes,they have competitive rates for higher dollar amounts. when you're talkingabout $500,000, $1 million policies, metlife can be more competitivethere, that's typically when we use them. they also insure active militarypersonnel, so they can be a good

choice for that, as well. we like protective life, a company that youmay not have heard of, but they're another a+ rated company with justsolid, excellent rates. when they come up and they have the best rates,we like to go with protective life insurance. another company like we like to work withis ing. ing is particularly good in a couple different situations, but ingand both banner life do not discriminate for family history of cancers.what does that mean? it means that a lot of life insurance companies willgive you a lower health rating,

and in turn, a higher price for insuranceif one of your parents has had cancer. ing and banner life both don't dothat. ing is also an excellent company if you're a scuba diver. ing allowsyou to have unlimited dives per year up to 100 feet, without charging youadditional money for life insurance. when it comes to scuba diving,ing can be a good choice. going back to american general, they can bea great choice when it comes to cigar smoking. if you smoke a cigar, you canstill get non-smoker rates with american general, even if you smoke upto one cigar per week. we work with a lot of life insurance companies,and the benefit of working

with independent agents like chooseterm.comis that we know which companies are going to offer you the best rates in certainsituations, especially if you do smoke or have a preexisting healthcondition. you want to make sure that you're working with the best companyfor you. it doesn't mean that another life insurance company won't coveryou, but they may not offer you the best rates. what we do is find out whatyour specific situation is and then we match you up with the best possiblelife insurance company for you specifically. these are just some of the life insurancecompanies we like. we also do no

medical exam life insurance. we work withanico (american national insurance company). we work with fidelitylife. we work with transamerica. there's several companies that offer no medicalexam; assurity life. we find out what you're looking for, we helpyou figure out what the best options are for you, and then we match youup with the right company, helping you find the best life insurance companyfor you. there really isn't one best life insurancecompany specifically for everybody. the best life insurance companyis the one that's going to offer you the best rates, that's a high-qualitycompany at the best prices with

the best type of coverage. we work with youto figure out which company that is and how we can help you save moneyon life insurance. if you're watching this on youtube, clickthe link below, go to our website. you can compare life insurance ratesright on our website. you can contact us; you can call us 800-574-0245,extension 101. if you're on our website, there's a quote form below this rates, contact us, call us, and we can help you save money onlife insurance. my name is liran hirschkorn, and i look forwardto speaking with you. thank you.