how to do o's

how to do o's

i know a trip outside the royale arenais exciting, but can we stick together? wilbur? honestly, you'd lose your headif it wasn't attached. which it isn't. over here.behind the bush. - let's keep an eye on it, okay?- yeah. wait! my head's on backwards! hey guys, my headis kind of personal space. oh, no! i lost my group! miss witch?!hello, where are you? wait for me!

ready to get to work, lucy? yes, my rugged, handsome builder. let's try to keep this professional, lucy. what are you doing?i almost hit you. trees are the protectors of nature,and this is our village's oldest tree. it's been here ten minutes.can you imagine the things it's seen? yeah. i got a work orderto tear it down right here. then you'll have to tear me down, too,because i'm not going anywhere. well, i can wait as long as you can.

villagers, bear witnessto the unspeakable murder this man is about to commiton our beloved tree, all for gems. relax. she just said 'gems'. there are no gems. desperate timescall for desperate measures. - tree murderer?!- my thumb! lucy, i hit my thumb! shhh, all better.everything's going to be okay. you left your tree, for me. i'm a healer. it's my sworn duty.

you know, maybei don't need to knock down that tree. a new one will pop upif we ignore them. nooo! i was on the other side of the village. i failed my tree. i want to show you something. lucy and i felt real badabout what happened, so we made you this. i may be the healer,but today you healed my soul. i have three trunksand a stump before lunch!

you know i'll heal him... eventually. maybe after lunch. - well, what do we got here?- looks like a puny skeleton. - i... i found bombs.- yeah, our bombs. you messed with them,now we're gonna mess with you! damn it! gimme that, jerk. you better run, skele-teeny!we're coming for you! geese are flying southway earlier this year. keep an eye on the party balloonwhile i get this goose pulled?

who does that skull-flierthink we are, anyway. balloon valets? nice rig, though. herk, this balloon is our destiny.let's take it into battle. this is a story that will be toldby barbarians for generations! okay. a) it's stealing.and b) balloons go high. and we've never been higher than,you know, our heads. mere obstacles, herk. and do you knowwho overcomes obstacles? heroes! what the... i've been balloon-jacked!archers! take them down! oh, arrows!

remember my friend: you're notin a balloon. you're in a legend! okay, now we can relax. dragons! find a quill, herk,because today we're writing history. and this chapteris called 'dragon slayers'! throw! uh, rocky... i think we're lost. hmm. a story turn...toward even greater glory! what kind of crazy village is that?

if any opponent daresto engage us in battle, we shall show them no mercyand destroy them! hey, everybody. how you doing? we are barbariansfrom clan hog riders of the lost ark! and we mean you no harm! invaders! prepare to be demolished! - whoa, whoa!- whoa! hey, come on! what is that? the princesses are upset,because you forgot their birthday.

i thought it was next wednesday. teenage princesseswill never forgive their old father. unless... you'd give them a surprise a legendary war balloon! britney and tiffany will love it!girls, daddy got you a present! it's the balloon. that's the present. good. 'cause mine smelled! how does this thing work? turn the flame to the right.

or was it the left? - i'm sure they'll be right back.- it's a fun ride. you're lucky the tower kingowed me a favor. rocky, herk, i sentence you bothto sand all the skeleton trap coffins. our great grandchildren will speak of thisas another heroic adventure! whoa! a loot cart! there's enough loot in hereto change our lives forever! you know... we could split itamongst ourselves. stealing a loot cart is a crime,

worse than usingan air sweeper as a hair dryer. that's why we can't get caught. all we need to do is follow one rule:don't buy anything flashy. ah, nothing beatsthat new hog smell. what the... what did i sayabout being too flashy? i want nice things.i deserve nice things. no, you don't!you're going to get us all caught! said the goblin who's gota flashy new hog himself.

snout scoop, dual exhaustsand a butt spoiler. i have a good excuse. i'm a greedy goblin. besides,what are you carrying around in that sack? x-bow parts? are you nuts? why don't you slapa 'go-to-jail' sign on your head? - i'm not giving back my x-bow.- i'm keeping the hog. giving up my decorationsis like giving up my soul. i'm gonna be caught. what have i done?

get off! i'm glad we are doing the right thing,sell our stuff and return the loot. yeah, i don't care what people sayabout greed. i think it's a bad thing. and maybe by turning in the loot cart,they'll go easy on us. you guys lead the way. people say a lot of horrible thingsabout goblins, but you're a great guy. ah, that means a lot. thanks. so long, losers.sooie! there you are, the little skeletonwho plays with bombs that aren't his.

can my new friend play too? sure! the more the scarier! i got a problem with peoplewho pick on my friends. we're out of here! it'll be easier for meto walk back without the bomb. i still have this stupid barrelon my back for some reason though. - okay, little guy, stay safe.- i will, monstro. this way, children. now, let's go see an oceanthat no one ever goes in.

- hello. what's the matter?- hurt my knee. - oh! my head came off.- ah!